More Birds

2013_10_20_00_34_23These beautiful birds arrived today courtesy of R. in Denmark.  It’s my first card from that country and it did not disappoint!  Aren’t they beautiful?

They are identified on the card as a shelduck, a yellow wagtail, a lapwing tern, red knots, and a gray plover.

I had never heard of the red knot, but read that they are migratory birds and that they travel farther than most, clocking more than 9,000 miles from the Arctic to the southern tip of South America every year. Because of the distance they have to travel, they can double their weight prior to migration.


I love the stamp, which is part of the Hans Christian Andersen series designed by Chinese artists.  it depicts a scene from The Little Match Girl. According to the World Online Philatelic Agency,  that tale is very popular in China as it reminds us to appreciate our homes and families, even in the face of poverty. How could you not be moved by her posture and expression?


This is the other card that arrived today.  One of my wishes is for cards that the senders themselves love and M. from the Netherlands chose this one. It is an old cover of a magazine called Margriet.  M’s grandmother and mother read it every week and she writes that perhaps she will join them one day.


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