Unconventional woman

Thanks to G. in Austria, this card, my first from that country, was waiting for me a few nights ago:

Meret Oppenheim, June 1980, photographed by Heinz Günter Mebusch

Meret Oppenheim, June 1980, photographed by Heinz Günter Mebusch

Isn’t she beautiful? One of my wishes is for portraits of unconventional women, this photo of  Meret Oppenheim fits the bill perfectly. I was familiar with her most famous work, Le Déjeuner en fourrure,, and had been captivated enough to buy a postcard of the teacup and spoon, which I have since lost.  Strangely enough, in my mind, I had attributed the work to another male surrealist. Luckily this postcard came to set things straight.

The beautiful stamp features an artist I had never heard of, Bernardo Strozzi, a Baroque painter.

Bernardo Strozzi: Sleeping Child

Bernardo Strozzi: Sleeping Child

On the same day, I received another nice card from K. in Taiwan. It was my first card written in Japanese. K. is looking forward to spending two months in Osaka this summer.

Dadaocheng Wharf, Taipei

Dadaocheng Wharf, Taipei

I love looking at this card; something about the play on symmetry and asymmetry makes me feel calm.

The card came with a bunch of cool stamps:


I don’t know why three of them are upside down.

On the following day, I got this pleasant card from K. in Germany:

Renate Otto: Badestrand am Roten Kliff

Renate Otto: Badestrand am Roten Kliff

Yet another new artist.  In English, the title would be Beach on the Red Cliff.

The accompanying stamp commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Friendship between France and Germany.


This kiri-e or paper cutting card was sent by a Chinese woman, Y., who now lives in the US. I love kiri-e, but sadly, there is no information about the artist on the card.


The stamps are great, especially the Montana one:

US stamps 10-21-13

And now I am off to check my mailbox in anticipation of more interesting cards.


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