Commemorative Stamps

It has been a quiet week for official cards, but I got two lovely ones with great stamps.

Here is a nice map card from the Netherlands:


I like the fact this map shows overseas municipalities, neighboring countries, and city size. A., the sender, wrote a friendly message about her family and won me over with this stamp:


It shows the Hotel de Wereld, which is the site where the German occupation of the Netherlands officially ended in 1945.

K. from China was kind enough to send the next card,, a favorite of mine:

Yunnan Province: Local Traditions

Yunnan Province: Local Traditions

It shows the Torch Festival, an annual event celebrated by the Yi people.  I read that the festival has its origins in fire worship, but it has grown to include all kinds of activities, including a beauty contest.

K. sent beautiful stamps:


You can see: an Olympics tennis stamp from 2012 and Palace in the Tree in the 21st century from 2000.

But the one that I like the most is the middle stamp, featuring the Chinese Li Hua cat.  I had never heard of this pedigree before, but I was pleased to read that it is a natural breed, not the result of human manipulation.  What a gorgeous cat!

And that is a very pleasant note on which to end.  I hope to get all of the stamps in this 2013 cat series.


4 thoughts on “Commemorative Stamps

  1. I’ve used that stamp with Hotel De Wereld, but I had no idea that this was Hotel De Wereld. Now that I know, it doe look like it. I used to live in Wageningen, which is where Hotel De Wereld is located.

  2. I’ve lived in five different places in the Netherlands (though, the I don’t remember the first one, as I was one when we moved) and spent a year in Edinburgh. I seem to change cities about every 10 years. I liked Utrecht, because it is a city, but still quite small, and it has a nice city centre, but I also really like The Hague, because it is close to the beach and very international. (I also loved Edinburgh, and it stills feels like home, when I go back there.)

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