Latest Cards

In the past two weeks, I have received some really nice cards, stamps, and messages that I would like to share with you.

My second card from Austria is a beautiful night view from J., the mother of a one-year-old girl.


It was accompanied by this interesting stamp of the Schindler Chase House:


O. from Kiev sent this card, Tea still life by Oksana Nazarchuk:


along with this European Beech stamp from 2012:


I let out a little gasp when I saw this next card from E. in Enschede, the Netherlands.  Isn’t it lovely?


I love the colors and clarity and yes, the cuteness of this card. I like the rectangular shape too.

On the same day, this card arrived from M. in Regensburg, Germany.  I have a thing for the Atelier Nouvelles Images multiples with the labels, so it was a pleasure to get these butterflies:


I was really chuffed to receive two jazz-related cards from the US on the same day.

First,  “Sweethearts of Rhythm” from C. in Massachussets:


And a John Coltrane album cover from M. in Texas:


which came with these great stamps:

Coltrane stamps

This  beautiful bird on a nice square card comes from P. in the Netherlands.  I don’t know what kind of bird it is, so if anyone knows, please enlighten me.


P. wrote about her 2 cats, 5 fish, and 26 exotic birds!

The stamps P. used are new to me and I really appreciate them:

Brid card stamps

R., from St Petersburg sent this “missing reader” card, and speculated that it might be an old man:

HammockSandra Cunningham: Hammock

And F. from Hong Kong sent this view of old Beijing:


with these lovely bird stamps:

Hong Kong

Finally, today I received my first official (but only my second) Inge Look card from Espoo.  These old ladies are growing on me:

Inge Look

P. was also kind enough to use a winter/holiday stamp to match the card:

Inge Look stamps

Thanks to all the senders for the great cards.


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