10 Beautiful Cards

Elderly reader Kurt Hutton

This beautiful card is from P. in Nuremberg, who describes herself as a “passionate reader”.  

Keeping with the literary theme, the accompanying stamp on the right commemorates 200 years of Grimms’ fairy tales.

Germany (Elderly reader card)I visited Xian years ago to see the amazing Terracotta Army, but I must have sent all the postcards I bought. Receiving this card from E., a music lover in Shanghai, was therefore a pleasant surprise:

Terracotta Soldiers

And just look at all the gorgeous stamps! The ones on the right are from the Cao Chong Weighs the Elephant set (2008) .  I had never heard of Cao Chong, but as illustrated by the stamps, he was a child prodigy famous for weighing an elephant using the principle of buoyancy.


J. from Munich sent this nice Neuschwanstein Castle card:

Neuschwanstein CastleThe stamp on the right commemorates 200 years of the Gäubodenvolksfest, the second largest folk festival in Germany. I think that is the castle in the background.

Germany (Castle card)

This sender of this card, C. from Moscow, speculates that these are jazz musicians:

Yuri Krivonosov: Should Have Become A Violinist

Yuri Krivonosov: Should Have Become A Violinist

Russia really does have great stamps.  C. very kindly chose this beautiful Zinaida Serebryakova: The Shoots of Autumn Crops stamp for me. She is listed as an artist I really like in my profile. The blue stamp marks the 50th Anniversary of Russian Research in Antarctica. And the small stamp features St George the Victorious, the symbol of Moscow.

Russia Z. Serebryakova

I got another Atelier Nouvelles Images multiple card from C. in the Netherlands. Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

Nouvelles Images

And I. from Taiwan sent this card from Namasia District in Kaosiung, Taiwan. She writes that there are many Taiwanese Aborigines in this area, including the Bunun, the Tsou, and the Paiwan. I would love to visit.

Namasia, Kaohsiung

The beautiful stamps are from the Travel in Taiwan series and show the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Jiufen, a tourist town:


H. from the Netherlands sent a view he finds “really Holland” because of the old Dutch mill, water and nice sky. I like the face on the main windmill.


I love the stamps, too:

NetherlandsA. from Belarus sent the pleasant view of Minsk City Center with love:

Minsk City CenterShe used a 2012 Olympics stamp:Belarus 2012 Summer OlympicsThis fascinating card came from S. in Switzerland, to whom I had once sent a card in the PC forum.  It’s a small PC world:

Alpen Woman

Isn’t it great? S. explains that this photo is from a book about women who live on the Alps for 6 months at a time.

She also wrote that the big stamp celebrates Switzerland’s legendary mountains and lakes:


I did a little dance when I saw this card from A. in St Petersburg:


I don’t know why, but I love these Victoria Kirdiy illustrations.  I was surprised to learn that she has admitted to being a sad person.  Despite that, she is spreading a lot of happiness with her art.

And that is a nice note on which to end this post.


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