The best thing about a man

…is his dog.

Victoria Kirdiy

Victoria Kirdiy

This lovely Kirdiy card arrived tonight.  I love it!  It was sent by J. from a city I had never heard of, Rostov-on-Don.  Like me, she is a dog lover.


The stamp on the left shows Friedrich Zander, a pioneer in the Russian space program.

The next card is from P. in Freiburg who sent my first Christmas and New Year greetings of 2013.  They are very welcome! She also used a Christmas sticker. The card shows traditions (costumes, watermill, house) from the Black Forest.

Black Forest Germany

The commemorative stamp features Heidelberg Castle.

Heidelberg Castle

I got another card from Germany, this time from Dortmund, sent by A., who works at the Wesfalenhallen, an exhibition/event complex.  The card shows Hall 1, where many concerts are held.

Westfalenhallen 1 Concert Hall Dortmund Germany

J. from the Czech Republic sent this card showing the work of a new artist to me, Max  Svabinsky.  This young, serious-looking woman’s name is Ela.  I love that name and the painting.

Max Svabinksky Ela 1897

And here is the tulip stamp:


The next card is from Y., a Japanese woman studying in the Washington state in the US.  She wrote this card in Japanese, which I really appreciate.  She loves Portland, so she sent this card.  Isn’t it cheery?

Portland OR

Y. used nice stamps.  I especially like the Ray Charles one.


Another week of thoughtful cards received.  Unfortunately, a couple of my own sent cards have expired.  しようがない. Such is life.


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