grey wolf


I love wolves and recently had the presence of mind to add them to my wishlist. I am very grateful to the kind sender, N. from Dusseldorf, for this great wolf card.

I read that the gray wolf came back to Germany in about 2000 after being all but exterminated. I hope they stay away from people and livestock for their own protection.


These delicate fawns also came from Germany, courtesy of S., an 11-year-old with neat and deliberate handwriting. I know I would have loved Postcrossing too when I was her age.

2012 Lynx Germany

She used this beautiful lynx stamp. Yet again another animal hunted to near extinction in 19th century. Sigh. Conservationists have been successfully breeding them in zoos and releasing them into the wild since 2000. They bring a lot of tourists to the Harz National Park so here’s hoping that will help them to thrive and remain protected.


Here are some nice European otter stamps from Switzerland that came with a nice card from N.


Finally, A. from Taiwan sent this cheery Christmas card, decorated carefully with seasonal symbols on the back.

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas is enjoying the season.




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