I love this EuroMaidan Christmas Tree card that arrived yesterday:

EuroMaidan Christmas TreeIt’s topical and captures this moment in history beautifully.  I had read about the protests in the news, but it is very special to get this card from someone to whom this movement is personally significant. S. from Khmelnytskyi has sent me a postcard I will treasure for its historical significance.

Here are the many beautiful stamps:

Ukraine Olha KobylianskaI like them all, especially the one featuring Olha Kobylianska, a writer and feminist.

I also got two animal cards from the Netherlands this week.  Here’s the first, forest birds from J.:

Forest Birds

I want to learn to identify more birds, so while I  have to translate the names, it’s a really useful card and I appreciate it. I was surprised to read  that it was 12 degrees C there on January 6.  That’s unusually warm!

According to Y.,  Zeeland  is “the most beautiful part of Holland”, where every day is a holiday.  How cool is that! She enjoys amazing nature and many cute seals like this one:

Seal (Zeeland)

I just want to reach out and touch this cutie!

I love the older stamps Y. used:


The beautiful one in the center is one of those December stamps that you wrote about, duuj.  I would love to link to your post about them here, if you give me permission.

I got these beautiful whitetail and rare whitetail albino deer from J. in Michigan:

Whitetail, Albino Deer

In Grand Rapids,, on the day of writing, they had a huge snowstorm so her office was closed and she was at home.  I love snow days and pray that we get one soon.

Speaking of which, here’s a snow scene from Germany:


Look at the baby foxes on the stamp:

Germany Baby Foxes

Aren’t they adorable? You can totally see which is the shyer one, right? This is from a series of baby animal stamps and I would love to get more of them.

I do love a good beer and now I just have to drink my way through all the ones (I’ve already tried the Chimay) on this card:

Belgian Beer

H. wrote that most women prefer to drink wine to avoid a beer belly and she’s probably right.  Not me, though.

Peep the cool stamps:


Bouvier des Ardennes, Eurasian Teal,  and from the Voyage Through the 20th Century series, Pierre Teillard de Chardin and Max Weber.

From V. a Dutch expat in France, a nice recipe I have to try for brunch on Sunday:

Crepes bretonnes

Check out the elegant simplicity of this France-Singapore joint release celebrating fashion:

France:Singapore La Mode

C. from South Dakota sent this local card, writing, “PowWows are majestic!”:


I imagine they must be and would love to experience one someday.

Here is a blacksmith from L. in Belarus:


I admire true artisans and love to see them at work.

The stamp, which shows History of National Communications is quite clever, I think:

Belarus History of National Communications

For my little collection of reading women, the very kind C. from Frankfurt sent this lovely addition, Elizabeth Reading by August Macke:

August Macke Elizabeth Reading

I love the colors and the brushwork.

And finally, from D. in Switzerland, a nice photo:

Barcelona BicicletaAnd I’ll close this post with the accompanying very cute piggies and a beautiful cancellation:

Switzerland PigsI’m very grateful for all the great cards and enjoy sharing them with you.


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