Rainis, Aspazija, and more from Eastern Euope

Belrus 2016 Unique Dendrobium Orchid

This is what I love about stamps, all the things you can learn from these little works of art.  I read that this beautiful flower is the Unique Dendrobium Orchid, one species of the Dendrobium genus.

Latvia 2016 Rainis, Aspazija

V, the sender of the stamp above and card below, tells me Rainis and Aspazija were a literary power couple in Latvia.

Greetings from Latvia

I’ve been making an effort to collect these Greetings from… cards by Postallove so I was happy to find Latvia and Croatia in my mailbox today.  I find the design of the cards clever and feel like I will be able to use them in my lessons or educational activities someday.

Greetings from Croatia

D, a member on  the Postcrossing website, was kind enough to send this card to me from Bol, on the island of Brac.  I would love to visit one day.  Doesn’t it look beautiful?

Croatia 2015

The red coral stamp is the perfect complement to the card, don’t you think?

Afremov A Day of Feelings

The orchid stamp from Belarus was affixed to this gorgeous painting by Leonid Afremov. I am charmed by his paintings, even though I think they seem really commercial and one-note. Go figure.

I’ll confess, there was one more card in my box, an official from Germany, but I’m only going to feature cards I’m fond of from now on.


2 thoughts on “Rainis, Aspazija, and more from Eastern Euope

    • Thank you, Chandra. I will be reading your blog and am going to make an effort to continue with mine. I appreciate the cards and stamps I receive so much more when I take the time to write about them.

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